Digital India Initiative & Snippets of Business Education through E-Learning


  •   B. Bharath Vijaya College, R.V. Road, Bengaluru



Digital India, Aadhaar, Mobile, E-Learning, Distance Learning, Entrepreneurship.


India is one of the fastest growing major economies in the World, next only to China. This rapid pace of development is in part, because of the growing Information Technology sector, which contributes to around 60% of India's annual GDP. But, this IT Boom has been majorly concentrated for Business customers, to solve their Operational Problems and never has there been such a drive to integrate citizens into the new era of E-Governance by the Indian Government. This flow of digitization has also flown into the Education sector, giving rise to E-Learning. In addition, this E-Learning can foster good Business Education on aspiring entrepreneurs, who want to quickly start a business, having with a lot less time and money available to invest in Traditional Business Courses.




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