Types of Online Learning and its Effectiveness in Higher Education: A Study


  •   Rajashekhara R Research Scholar Mysore University
  •   Amruta N Associate Professor Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies
  •   Ashwini P Lecturer in Commerce Seshadripuram PU College (Main)


Online Education, Course Management System, Virtual Classroom and Pandemic Condition.


In India, online education was reintroduced in a pandemic situation. Earlier, it was there, but not so effective. Due to the uncertainty, India adopted this gradually. Teachers have been forced to put up their own "virtual classrooms" in recent years, which can result in annoyance and growing impotence. To do this for us, a whole industry was created today. Most educational institutions use programming for course management systems (CMS). CMS offers instructors a comfortable framework with a number of tools to support learning and correspondence so they may organise and inform their courses. The primary focus of this study is on various forms of online education and how they function in Indian contexts.




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