AI - Based Smart Agriculture for Sustainable Growth - The Linkage between AI, IOT, Sustainable Growth and Development - An Indian Perspective


  •   R Ravichandran Assistant Professor SOC, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University), Bangalore
  •   N Sathyanarayana Assistant Professor SOC, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University), Bangalore
  •   A Asif Ali Assistant Professor Department of HR & General Management, ISBR Business School, Bangalore.


Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable growth, Agriculture, Circular Economy, IoT Devices, Economic Development, Opensource Integration, Agro Startups, Smart Agriculture, Smart Farming, Environment, and Agro-Business Models.


The growth and development of agriculture in the economy in the future will depend greatly on the use of appropriate technologies. We need to understand and examine AI and IoT applications, which integrate to provide the solution to the agriculturist and can aid greatly in effectiveness, productivity, resource allocation, and output enhancement, using multi-cropping, and mixing & match of the crops depending on weather and soil conditions. AI has helped modern industry and economics greatly. AI shapes the circular economy and how we collaborate across industries, in organizations, and in everyday life. AI in agriculture relies largely on technology and the circular economy idea. AI in agriculture will assist develop new tools, goods, and applications and add value to outlays. Increasingly, the Circular Economy and agricultural innovations are combined to promote sustainable growth. Again, AI helps us address these difficulties. The breadth of AI applications in agriculture in a circular economy is vital to continuing our growth and assuring its sustainability in the future. The present pandemic-induced behaviour has emphasized the need to move the value chain of products and services into the digital mode, integrating platforms, GUIs, and technologies with Open source applications. AI is likely to play a crucial part in this process. The authors analyzed the available literature and provide their opinions on what AI's function may be in the agriculture sector of the economy to make economic development more sustainable and helpful while boosting the farmer's standard of living and ability to integrate advantages. AI technology and disruptive breakthroughs are anticipated to arise in our Indian economy and will work as a growth accelerator, integrating IoT-controlled devices to improve farm productivity. The authors proposed a theoretical framework model.




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Ravichandran, R., Sathyanarayana, N., & Asif Ali, A. (2024). AI - Based Smart Agriculture for Sustainable Growth - The Linkage between AI, IOT, Sustainable Growth and Development - An Indian Perspective. Adarsh Journal of Management Research, 14(2), 1–9. Retrieved from


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